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About AdWords Translation

TAdWords – is an online Pay Per Click advertising program by Google. It helps the ones interested in expanding their business may easily advertise in multiple countries through this platform. This can be easily done through Translating advertising campaigns via which the products can be advertised locally as well as globally.

Localization of AdWords becomes an important concern when it comes to translation. Not only are we specialists in localizing AdWords campaigns but also the service is provided in over 100 languages. We aim towards attracting the audience to your website from across the world.

Website and landing page localization

The best possible option to expand the international business online is through attracting the customers by providing them a smooth and user friendly experience from the very first stage as they approach your website, followed by ample platforms for interaction between the customers and your company. This can be best done when the content is conveyed to them in their own mother tongue. Our translators exactly ensure the same by retaining your original brand identity and adding the spice of the mother tongue of the users.

Translation and optimization of AdWords campaigns

Our prime aim is not just to effectively translate your advertisement but also to effectively localize your campaigns. Along with the translation, we also add local flavor to the mother tongue of the customers. Plus, adding the right keywords from the local language of the user that attracts the potential customers is our prime strategy. We also add keywords in the local language which the customers use for searching for their required product online. Optimization of keywords thus helps in bridging the gap between you and the potential customer even further.

Two prime principles of our work are:

Optimization of Keywords : our translators use the Google Keyword Tool to ensure that the words used by your potential customers are definitely added in your translated advertisement.

Effective creativity : our translation is not the simple word to word translation that seems to be monotonous and lacks originality. We rather focus to add the most relevant keywords using various matching options (broad match, phrase match, exact match and negative match), secondly, we also ensure that the quality of the translated advertisement is retained. Also, our expert team of translators makes it a point to check the AdWords quality guidelines and best practices required by Google and make sure that your advertisement is in accordance with these guidelines and it works wonders for your brand image.

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