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The Ultimate Common Goal: Health

All the health organizations of the world aim at providing a better and healthier life to all the global citizens which can be ensured by improving health and quality of life, reducing mortality, and preventing diseases. So many units are connected together to achieve this larger goal and one amongst the units is the pharmaceutical industry, which plays a very important role. Both large scale global pharmaceutical giant and a biotechnology start-up, work hard for years and then come up with many new drugs which involve a lot of research, capital and hard work in order to achieve the ultimate goal which even includes initial screening and synthesis, toxicity studies, clinical trials and advertising, to after-sales safety assessment. Going by the global reports, only 1% of the invented drugs are permitted for the sale in markets so that the final product reaches the market and is considered fit for consumption of patients. This leads to the money and research in vain and to reduce the chances of failure, pharmaceutical companies have adopted better techniques such as high-throughput screening, nanotechnology, automation, and robotics. With the increasing number of chronic diseases and so less chances of a drug to reach the market, the need for new and innovative technology which is effective in battling the chronic diseases of today’s times increases many folds.

The Importance of Clear Communication

The tedious task of dealing with the financial constraints and the growing need for inventing a drug that contributes towards the noble cause of better health at an affordable price brings loads of pressures and competition amongst the fellow companies.

Since the matter revolves around the health and most of the times even becomes the question of one’s life, the pharmaceutical industry has to go through a whole lot of processes which involves submission of all the data regarding the concerned medical product for approval from concerned authorities. This is done to ensure the medical safety of the stakeholder. Many legislative and ethical requirements are to be met and submitted documentation must be clear and well written. This involves well written documents regarding the drug discovery, screening and synthesis in-vitro; animal studies; pharmacokinetic and formulation optimization; and efficacy, dose, and safety studies to be sent to ethical, institutional, or national authorities.

English is the globally accepted language in the world medical forum to be the language of tall, the related documents that are to be submitted to various authorities. Not only this, but even the marketing material involves its usage in a sense that the patients easily rely upon your product over that of other companies. In both the cases, the language needs to be flawless and sophisticated as it is supposed to be presented to an international parent company, thus it becomes important that it is handled carefully. Clearance at each stage is very important for the drug to reach its final destination, which is the market so that all the hard work pays.

International Success

There is whole journey that the drug goes through in the form of the data and documents presented at each stage to different authorities. The drug before it comes to the market is known through the scientific data and documentation only. The scientific data and related documentation is something that stays even after the product is introduced in the market since it needs the approval of another authority in the face of patients or the stakeholders. All this leaves zero scope for the language in the documentation of the medicine to contain slightest of error. This requires the highest professional touch to the document. Apart from English, the documents describing the details of the drug need to be translated to other languages if introduced to other global markets. New global markets also bring up new set of laws that are also to be met so that the drug is trusted upon by everyone concerned. That is where EzeeTranslate steps in, and offers you the translated documents which retain the original message and scientific terminologies along with the additionally required particularities of the language in which they are being translated.

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In today’s multinational scenario, the quality of the language of the documents concerning the drug cannot be a mere substandard translation. It is important to establish a standard that matches the international standard in order to explore new markets globally and reach to wider audience, battling the competition that revolves around. The translated language should be as accurate and clear as possible and cannot involve slightest of flaws. Our team of experts involves the translators and editors who are qualified to such an extent that they offer you the most suitable medical document that successfully meets the internationally set up standard. The multinational nature of today’s pharmaceutical industry highlights the importance of accurate translation. EzeeTranslate ensures that you become confident with your written document be it for any varied purpose. Apart from the scientific documentation of the drug to be sent to authorities and material that describes the drug in the market, we also expertise at producing translations for submission to highly regarded key journals or for presentation to in-house colleagues or at international symposia. We at EzeeTranslate ensure that there is no milestone left untouched and you get the best to present to the world at each stage of your drug discovery be it submissions to ethics committees and regulatory bodies, clinical trial documentation and data, promotional materials, and press releases. Our team aims perfection at every particular phase of the journey of your drug from discovery to market.

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