Legal Translations

The Constant Factor

With people, products, and ideas crossing borders at an increasing rate, many things are changing at a very fast pace too. So are the Law firms which are expanding too into new markets and new practice areas. With the new opportunities bringing new challenges every moment, it is the fierce competition that is the only constant thing, particularly when it comes to legal practice. For instance let us talk of the 2010 census. According to the census report, more than a million licensed legal practitioners are working in the U.S.A. itself. With so easy availability of an attorney, it becomes necessary to stand out and succeed in the best possible way as even the validity of a contract, the result of a petition, or the admissibility of evidence can lead to the interpretation of a single word, the interpretation must withstand any and every challenge from opposing counsel. With so much on stake, only the utmost precision can work when it comes to translation.

The Variables

The requirements or the demands that a legal practitioner is supposed to fulfil vary from client to client and case to case. With more and more teams, sometimes that of a dozens of linguistics facilitating the translation between firms, the research in a multidistrict legal action involves ultra-high-volume translation, which is no less than searching for a needle in a haystack, wherein the haystack cannot even be torched. Going through a thousand and more emails in the process is very usual. This the point where undoubtedly the need arises of a translator who is required to know each bit of the functioning of a certain type of brake pad or, of the software required to facilitate the depositions between firms. With an absolute requirement of mass-tort litigation, which refers to the participation of many plaintiffs in tort litigation, over imported consumer products and other translation-intensive litigation show no signs of moderation or forget the removal, translators with a processed knowledge become a must.

For instance let us take the example of something as crucial as a visa application, for which documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, and degrees cannot be done without and thus must be translated. So is their equivalency in the target country, which must be certified. This becomes extremely important that the applications are prepared keeping in mind the government entity that will be evaluating the petition and the key terminology its officers will be looking for when determining whether to grant or deny the visa. This is exactly when a translator with process knowledge comes to rescue. With the rise of globalization and multinational companies continuously drawing the global talent pool, bringing highly educated workers to new countries, the result is the accelerated demand for these types of certification translation services.

Even in the simplest of cases, the ‘direct’ translation is most of the times not the accurate one, forget about them being of any good in any case with even slightest of complexity. For instance, the terminology and structure used in contracts often differ widely in terms of language and legal tradition, direct translation of such contracts can result in an overly vague, messy, or even unintelligible document which is probably not useful in most of the cases. When it particularly comes to the translator dealing with legal documents the mere knowledge of varied languages does not suffice and the fluency of concerned legal concepts involved in addition becomes very important for the sake of presenting the target audience with an accurate and presentable translation of the original document. In addition to all of the requirements mentioned above, the demand for the excellent translators who have profound capability of proliferating international mergers, acquisitions, and other types of agreements increases rapidly.

Solving The Equation

When even the minutest of detail needs to be interpreted accurately, it is by partnering with us that you will be able to experience the growing power of a global network of experienced legal translation professionals committed to provide you the most accurate translations possible. This will undoubtedly be the best of all your experiences and it is our ISO-certified quality control process that proves the whole point.

It is our experience and good will that gives us the confidence of providing you with the clearest of translations and best results whatever may be your translation needs. What else could one ask for!

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