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Resume and CV Translation For Relocation Or Stationing

On one hand, relocating to a foreign area aspires a lot of job seekers due to plenty of opportunities available and on the other hand, it brings loads of challenges as well. If you are relocating to an area with a language other than your native tongue, it requires an extensive job search, which is to be done both before and after the Relocation. For instance, a client wishes to relocate from Greece to Los Angeles, the translation services are required for Greek to English translation of his resume, not only for the content and language, but also in order to re-format it appropriately according to the U.S. job markets.

There is a huge difference in the way the formats work for different countries and it works in favor of the candidate applying for job, if these things are taken care of. This is when the candidate has to rely on our translation services not only for the translation of content like personal information and other details but also the format of resume. What follows is the difference in the other related documents like the work history documents. All this requires professional touch to your CV.

Not only the content of the CV is arranged differently, it is also the minutest of details such as the headings and dates that are also rearranged. Wherein it seems obvious that an American resume format is very different than the format in a French or Chinese translation which changes according to the change in language of the country, it seems surprising to many, that even if the language is same in two countries than also the format differs drastically. For instance, within different English speaking countries, such as the UK, New Zealand and the U.S. the format differs.

We ensure that our linguists possess the knowledge of both the languages in question and they further ensure that the resume is molded according to the required format of the country realizing how each culture and language is different from each other. Why risk your potential job if professionals from across the world are there to translate your resume?

Localized Translation of CV & Resume For Global Job Market

When it comes to translating a CV from one language to the other requested language, it is not just the translation of the content but also the rearranging of the content, personal information, work history and even the dates that are mentioned.

There are so many terminologies that differ drastically according to the market culture of a particular company. This changes drastically even if the language is same in both the countries. Take the example of Greek to English translation, things such as localization of work position titles and terminology, from Greek culture to the culture of American job markets vary a lot. That is how it goes for other languages like French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese etc. Take another example of how the terminologies in CV differ – what may be known as “Business Administrator for Public Board of Officers” in the American job market, would translate into something very different terminology for the same position in the French translation of it, such as “Manager of Business Affairs for Appointed Community Members”.

These are the small things which make big differences in CV, while the one which is properly represented is preferred over the one which is not.

Ours is a professional translation company that offers you the best of output in absolutely affordable prices. Our steps for getting your CV translated in the most efficient manner are so simple. Out of over 40 languages, you can choose the one you require from our webpage. After you upload your CV with us, you will get an instant estimate cost for the translation along with instant chat service with our executives so that decision making becomes easier for you.

This fast estimation, convenience and low and efficient translation charges make it an ideal translation service for you.

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