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The whole concept of travelling has taken a brand new shape in the past decade. People are turning to more and more adventures and even look for options and places that are out of the box. Travelers these days explore and research online and further make most of the bookings online as well to avoid any lows during the trip. This has given the competition amongst online booking a new high. Whether you are an airline, car rental agency, cruise line, hotel or online travel agency it becomes really important for your business that you stand out from the whole queue of competitive others.

Not only there is a need to attract the potential customers but also to assure them the quality of services that you will provide. Plus, it becomes very necessary that one time online bookers repeatedly book online with you and become your loyal customers for life. For the same, it is important that a connect is built between you and the potential travelers, so not only will they use your services repeatedly but also recommend it to others.

We at EzeeTranslate help you build that instant connect, providing you translation services in which you can reach the customers in their own native language. So that they prefer your services over any other service. It makes the most of the new innovative technologies and ideas that are required for you to stand out.

Translation for the Travel and Tourism industry is very different from the usual translation of any other field. Going by the diversity and vivid nature of hospitality sector, it becomes necessary that the translator possesses a good knowledge of the native language of the user and apt knowledge of the industry. Many new terminologies are added to the travelling sphere which should also be put into account.

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Understanding the industry

Translation when it particularly comes to a very varied industry such as Travel and Tourism requires special sort of efforts which involves fluency, years of experience, computer skills apart from the updated knowledge regarding the working of the industry.

Translation for this particular industry requires the capability to attract the potential travelers. Failure in doing so may totally defy the purpose of getting the translation done. And since the customers are to be approached in their language, the efficient knowledge of the language becomes a must.

According to Ian Bingham, the thorough understanding of the industry adds new layers of quality to the translation. We follow his words.

Certain Language Service Providers (LSPs) claim to provide you with better services but fail to do so as the thorough knowledge of the industry and use of keywords is missing making the project an ordinary one which fails to attract customers. Choosing the right LSP is the first step in order to expand your business in different languages.


As discussed, the mere translation of the project doesn’t work in Travel and Tourism industry. As here the aim is not getting things translated word by word or term by term. The aim is to attract the potential customers and build the connect with customers so that they prefer you over others and that instant trust is built up.

In Bingham’s own words the translator does not have to stick to the text and should be given the freedom. This is what the expert linguists are supposed to do these days. Many brands trust the linguistic experts of the native language in which the project to be translated with the freedom to free-write a document. This sort of document retains the original brand voice but added is a local flavor of the language which also involves idioms and phrases of local language. Here the focus is on concept rather than words.

This is exactly what is termed as Transcreation these days which literally means retaining the originality of the brand voice in translation which is no less than an art.

Many big brands across the world spend big dollars on getting their voice heard in the most beautiful words but this sort becomes difficult when the promotional document is translated in over 20 languages. That’s when choosing the right LPS helps you by transcreation.

Global Presense

Working in a global market comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is adapting one’s services in accordance to the particularity of each market in the global scenario.

Bingham says that mere claiming and expecting the trust does no good. It is only by going beyond the words and by providing real illustrations of past projects that helps according to him. This is true of particularly those clients who are stepping their first foot into the global market and do not know how things proceed.

The correct use of terms used to refer particular places is also particular in many of the cases. One of the apt examples is of these islands – what the British know as the Falkland Islands is Las Malvinas to Argentines. Given that the two countries went to war over control of the islands, this is a politically sensitive issue and the correct use of the name in each situation differs and needs to be taken care of.

In current scenario, international companies are spending a lot on the support system services be it phone or e-mail across the globe which operate in different languages. This requires good amount of communication between the management headquarters and these support groups.

This again is where a LSP can come to rescue in a sense that provides full language translation services at each stage of your communication or operation making things work smoothly on both the ends.

Technological Savvy

Companies these days are making the use of latest technologies like CRM, marketing automation etc. which are software solutions that save both time and money and lead to smooth working and free flow of data. But sometimes your chosen LSP doesn’t have the same operating systems as you possess for example connecting into Ektron or Adobe Experience Manager. This difference makes it a very tedious experience and hinders the smooth flow of translations.

The term for similarity or the direct experience of using the same technical solutions is called ‘technology integration’. For the smooth flow of your translations it becomes important that your LSP uses the same solutions as you do. So technology integration also becomes an important factor while choosing a LSP. This factor distinguishes a high value added service of one LSP from another where in the case of former you send and receive translations at one click and do not in the other case.

Travel & Tourism Translations Experience

EzeeTranslate will help you translate:

  • Information Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Reservation software
  • Online booking systems
  • Back-End software
  • Information Booklets
  • Promotional material
  • Flight information technology
  • and many more...

Client Relationship

At EzeeTranslate, we hand-pick our translators for projects based on their prior professional translating experience and educational background to provide our clients with top quality translations in Travel and Tourism industry. ensures consistency across all languages and helps you compete in the foreign markets. We leverage best in class Translation Memory Tools to help you save on your regular translation needs.

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