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There is something about Thomson Reuters that distinguishes it from the other patent translation services. We possess over 50 years of global expertise in the field, to provide you quality services in minimal time and money. With profound knowledge of patent and litigation literature combined with the language proficiency in a number of languages, our field specialists support your patent filings or litigation in the best possible way letting you make the best possible business decisions.

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High Quality Patent, Legal & Technical Translations

As the global market continues to prosper in terms of intellect, one cannot simply get away with poor quality translations of patents and related technical documents and they too need to be equally intellectual and must possess high quality translations. This becomes a must for the successful running of your patent practices. We have to offer you exactly what the market today demands, with accuracy within short deadlines and your affordability.

Our Quality is Reflected in:

1. Use of native language translators handpicked for translation projects.
2. Use of technical experts which provide you with accurate subject matter in translations along the linguistic accuracy.
3. Use of Linguistic experts plus the use of machine translation to leave no space for errors or ambiguity.
4. Availability to offer you services in over 100 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and many more.

It has been decades of experience in providing you with the whole spectrum of services including the patent/ legal translation services along with technical translations. We are globally acknowledged for our accuracy, timeliness, efficiency, affordability, and high quality translated patent and technical documents. Our expert team possesses the expertise knowledge of the patents and related laws as well as technical translations and localization of the documents in native language which meets your needs in all spheres distinguishing our translations from ordinary mechanical translations.

We are team of 140 patent analysts that work together with our expert translators to provide you a high quality document with updated terminology in a wide range of languages and also in two language pairs as per individual demands.

Patent / Legal Translation

  • Patent Publication/File History
  • Priority Certificates
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • License Documents
  • Notices of Appeal, Reasons for Refusal
  • Expert Opinion Documents
  • Correspondence Letters
  • Written Arguments
  • Sworn Affidavits
  • Notices of Complaint
  • Foreign Discovery related Documents
  • Court Documents
  • Technical Translation

  • Technical Instruction Manuals
  • Specification Sheets
  • Standards
  • Proposals, Contracts, Agreements
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Technical Research/Analysis Reports
  • Production & Operation Manuals
  • Testing Instructions/Requirements
  • Non-patent literature from patent search results
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